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...We are Tampa Bay's premiere provider of Supported Employment and Employment Services...

Supported Employment Plus, Inc. has been turning disability into employability since 2007.


Founder: Regina Anderson – CEO/President

Regina brings to Supported Employment Plus, Inc. over 27 years experience in social services.  She knows firsthand the importance of this industry to people with disabilities. Twenty five years ago Regina was in a terrible accident that left her with a severe brain injury which then led to an extreme case of Epilepsy. After years of suffering with seizures that even medications could no longer control, Regina was forced her to make the decision to have brain surgery.  Several doctors told Regina that the surgery would not help, she persevered and found a doctor that would perform the surgery she so desperately wanted and needed so she could lead a normal life.  After more than a year of recovery, Regina is now seizure free and has dedicated herself to helping people with disabilities.  


Board Members:


Regina Anderson
Regina, as you read above, has brought all of her skills and firsthand knowledge to make Supported Employment Plus, Inc., she brings a huge heart and a very caring nature to our consumers.   


Ken Fleetwood - Board Member
Ken is a self employed business owner for the last 50 years and a Vietnam Veteran, He owns American International Electronics corporation.   


Freddy Schipul – Board Member
Freddy has a degree in Agriculture from the University of Florida, specializing in soil chemistry. He is the Lead Chemist in the Environmental Compliance Division laboratory, City of St. Petersburg, FL. He oversees microbiological and chemical analyses of drinking and environmental waters. He served in the US Army from 1968 through 1971.


OUR MISSION - Supported Employment Plus, Inc. is dedicated to each and every consumer, and their chosen line of work, supporting, encouraging and guiding every step of the way.  We at Supported Employment Plus Inc. believe work is one of the best therapies/cures to many illnesses.  Everyone has the ability, no matter how limited, if given the opportunity, to work.  We watch our consumer grow/bloom from disability to employability, as they are happy on the job with a new and exciting outlook on their quality of life, finances and future.  

PURPOSE - To provide employability skills training, job-seeking skills, personal and vocational adjustment training, job development, job analysis, job coaching, and coordination of rehabilitation technology, plus placement and follow-up in employment for a minimum of 90 continuous days with a single employer in accordance with the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended.



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