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...We are Tampa Bay's premiere provider of Supported Employment and Employment Services...

OUR MISSION - Supported Employment Plus, Inc. is dedicated to each and every consumer, and their chosen line of work, supporting, encouraging and guiding every step of the way.  We at Supported Employment Plus Inc. believe work is one of the best therapies/cures to many illnesses.  Everyone has the ability, no matter how limited, if given the opportunity, to work.  We watch our consumer grow/bloom from disability to employability, as they are happy on the job with a new and exciting outlook on their quality of life, finances and future.  

 PURPOSE - To provide employability skills training, job-seeking skills, personal and vocational adjustment training, job development, job analysis, job coaching, and coordination of rehabilitation technology, plus placement and follow-up in employment for a minimum of 90 continuous days with a single employer in accordance with the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended.


Supported Employment is a unique employment service for individuals who, because of disabilities, need ongoing support services to succeed in the competitive workforce. Supported Employment is paid, competitive employment for people who have the most significant disabilities and have not yet succeeded in their attempt to maintain traditional employment.
Supported Employment may occur in a variety of normal, integrated business environments.  Supported Employment means having a job in the community while also receiving some assistance from an employment specialist or natural supports


Supported Employment Plus, Inc. provides comprehensive employment services for employers and job seekers.  In today’s challenging business climate, employers benefit from staff experience in providing well-trained and motivated employees. We work with employers on: Identification of Qualified Workers, Screening of Candidates, On-the-Job Training Provisions, and Job Accommodation/ADA Assistance.

Job seekers benefit from our innovative programs, directed by qualified and experienced staff, designed to address specific requirements. We work with participants on: Career Counseling, Job Readiness Training, Job Development, Placement & Maintenance, and Job Accommodation Assistance

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